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Editor’s note: This column will bring us up to date about three former residents who’ve been the subject features in the Daily News called Where Are They Now?

Ed Ernstes

The Shade Shepherd is a new movie, not yet out, but Ed Ernstes plays a part in it. It takes place in the late ‘80s when a soon to be father shepherds his troubled older brother towards the Canadian border to escape police custody. Ed, who grew up in Decatur County, plays a cowboy in the movie. The director is Chris Faulisi who co-wrote the story with Jordon Hodges. Ed said it’s a little early to know when the movie will be out for us to see. He said, “Filming just wrapped up around June 12th. Many of the filmmakers are back in California, looking over all the footage and making decisions about what will be included in the edited version and how it will all go together. That will take time. So, it will be a while before plans are firmed up for showing it.”He promised to let us know though. He is known for his work on Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di for

He promised to let us know though. He is known for his work on Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di for (2009), Sand Castles (2014) and The Wish (2015).

Ed is a news reporter for WSBT 22 News around all of Elkhart County. He has also traveled the country and to Europe for WSBT 22 News. He comes from a large family of five brothers and three sisters. He graduated from Ball State in 1972 and served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps from 1972-1975, including a one-year tour in Germany. From there, he attended an electronics school in Denver, then went on to earn a masters degree in TV and Radio from San Diego State University.

Greg Shine

After a great, intensive training course from PDX Drone Academy, Greg Shine successfully passed the written exam for their FAA remote pilot certification with s UAS (drone) rating.

Greg said, “A big thanks to our instructor, Sean, and also our colleagues at work for the support and encouragement. Can’t wait to start sharing some great views of our public lands in Oregon and Washington once we’re all official with the FAA.

Greg’s official title is public affairs & communications specialist for the Oregon & Washington State Office of the US Bureau of Land Management. He serves in the Office of Communications, helping people connect to more than 16.1 million acres of public land and resources in Oregon and Washington. He said his primary beats include speechwriter for the director; communications lead on several regional programs including Archaeology and Cultural Resources, Greater Sage-grouse, Wild Horse and Burro, and Rangeland issues; and advisor to the region’s eight Resource Advisory Councils. With his team of talented colleagues, he also serves as photographer, writer, editor, and curator of digital and social media.

J.R. Milne

J.R. Milne had 14 patents when his Where Are They Now? story was published but the count is up to 22 now. He’s filed for several more. He’s now part of a new audio group in Sony, and said, “It is good to be working on projects again. Audio is why I became an engineer.

“I recently traveled to New York City to setup a DJ booth inside Sony Square (a Sony store) on Madison Avenue.” Known also for his photography, he said, “I’ve been learning more about photography composition, using advanced blending modes to add textures to pictures, as well as how to improve the look of my pictures in Photoshop.”

He and his wife Lisa celebrated 31 years of marriage in May. He said, “For our 30th, we went to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.”

One of his photos is included here.

In last week’s column, I inserted “John” when I meant “Ralph.” My apologies for the mistake.

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