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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — Drone Racing is a new sport that is growing rapidly not only in the Sunflower State but across the world. This is why the sport is the newest addition to this year’s Sunflower State Games.

If you’ve been driving around Topeka recently and noticed a bunch of lights on the Sunflower Soccer Association fields, that’s the drone racers getting ready for their big Sunflower State Games event on Saturday.

The racers will be out on the fields every night throughout the rest of the week practicing. They’re practicing at night because their race will also be in the dark…only lit by a special LED track for the race.

Austin Wright led the charge to get drone racing into the Sunflower State Games and he thinks it’s a great sport to be a part of and to watch.

“It’s grown exponentially in the last six months since I’ve gotten into it. ESPN, the Drone Racing League, NBC Sports, the IDRA, and all of these companies are starting to merge together and it’s becoming a sport,” said Wright. “People are calling it NASCAR for nerds because it does take some tech-y-ness but it is high paced and it’s fast and it makes you feel like you’re flying at 85 MPH and it gets your adrenaline pumping, it really does.”

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