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Sufficiently Advanced, the YouTuber who made the Thor drone, issued a challenge to see who could create a device that could drop gifts into a chimney. In response, YouTuber PeterSripol built the Santa drone. With some DIY engineering, a Christmas gift gun and a Santa drone were created. Watch the toe-to-toe battle between Sufficiently Advanced’s Christmas gift gun versus PeterSripol’s Santa drone in this YouTube video:

Gift dropping challenge

The two YouTubers were placed about 150 feet away from a house, and they had to drop five gifts into a garbage can placed on the roof. The goal was to test which DIY invention was more accurate and faster at dropping gifts into the target. Sufficiently Advanced’s first attempt with his Christmas gift gun only launched the package about 20 feet. After he walked closer to the house, his device managed to get the presents onto the roof, but none hit the target. Equipped with an FPV headset, PeterSripol used the Santa drone’s guided missile gift with a Runcam camera attached onto it, but he also missed the target. In a last ditch attempt, a rocket missile gift was used. About four seconds after the Christmas rocket was released, it started flying on its own but crashed shortly onto an open field.

None of the gifts landed inside the garbage can, so the winner of the challenge ended up being PeterSripol since at least one of his missiles were found on the roof. Sufficiently Advanced’s Christmas gift gun was faster, but he thought the Santa drone was cooler, especially since it dropped a guided Christmas rocket.

Santa drone

The Santa drone is actually a custom UAV created by a small Ohio business called Unmanned Solutions Technology. Foxbat is the name of the drone, and it is an electric, battery powered UAV that can carry up to 20 pounds and fly for an hour. PeterSripol attached the gifts onto a DIY drop mount made with a servo and pieces of glued wood. The tail fins on the Christmas bombs were assembled with polystyrene sheets, hot glue and tape. Additionally, PeterSripol made a rocket missile package to increase his Christmas gift arsenal.

Santa Drone

Even though this challenge was done just for fun, UAVs like the Santa drone is something to look forward to. Future drone package deliveries may not be as extreme as guided gift missiles, but there are already UAVs being tested for dropping off food and packages. Regulations and safety concerns must first be straightened out before countries can utilize drone-assisted deliveries. At this rate, it’ll only be a matter of time before drones become an everyday device for transporting parcels.

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