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Ryan Dunwoody likes to go out of his way to get that perfect picture. Dunwoody takes to the air by using a drone to capture images. Using his DJI Phantom 4 model, Dunwoody has taken still photos and video footage for his new ariel photography business.

“I got the drone in mid March. I have practiced going up and down and around objects felt like a natural extension of myself. It was pretty natural feeling (starting get used to drone),” said Dunwoody. “I wanted this for a few years and around January I started watching some YouTube videos so by the time I got my drone I already knew the thing inside and out.”

Dunwoody has taken footage that was later used on local new stations and created a video in honor of the Perry County bicentennial that is now available on the official county website.

“I met the mayor of Shawnee and she introduced me to the bicentennial committee,” said Dunwoody. “I had wanted to start the aerial photo business for some time, a good chance to jump in there.

“I took the drone and went out over span of three weeks, a few days here and there, and shot footage of different landmarks around Perry County,” Dunwoody said. “I edited it kind of along the way and at the end sat down for a solid three days editing the whole thing, putting it together.”

Dunwoody has a civilian permit that allows him to fly his drone for commercial purposes such as photography work for private businesses, agriculture or wedding or personal pictures.

“I can do agriculture, I can do a fly over to check on crops. I can do 3D models of homes by flying around, I can even send footage to a company that will make 2D or 3D map,” Dunwoody said.

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