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    Amazon was first, the postal service is looking into it, now UPS is down with drones.
    Its an electric delivery truck with a drone launchpad atop it.
    Packages are loaded into the drone cargo bin, the roof slides back and the drone is launched.
    The driver heads to another delivery.  The drone and truck rendezvous at another location, then its rinse and repeat.
    If implemented, UPS could deliver more packages and save fuel.  The drones would deliver to rural areas.
    The FAA still has to rule on this.

    Those folks at Amazon want to use drones, but for the time being they’ve dropped their fee for free shipping. 
Non-Prime members minimum for free shipping is now 49-35.
    No word why.  Walmart recently started offering free two-day shipping without a membership fee on an order of at least 35-dollars.

    Whether its USPS or UPS, selfie stick owners should check out the Selfie Stick-It. 
    The selfie stick inventor came up with this.  It lets you attach your phone or camera to a vertical surface.  Operate it remotely. 
    The inventor wants to sell it for five-bucks.  It debuts on The Shopping Channel this spring.

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